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From school in most minds there is a strong belief that classic literature is boring and a lot. Perhaps because then the works were given not by age. It is possible that because of limited time we just were not able so to take in the literature, to love her. But now it all doesn't matter anymore. It is important that classical literature is simply a must read for everyone, and the situation must be corrected. The great writers created their works much earlier than the generation of today's adults were born. Many conclude that these books are outdated. However, experts in the field of literature and admirers of the immortal classics believe that it is simply impossible. Great writers raised in his works, problems which are timeless, they still do not lose their relevance. Psychologists around the world recommend refer to classical literature in the moments of life. The book will calm, will open your eyes on the erratic behavior show the way out of the current situation. Many adult readers recognize that at the age of about thirty years they are a real pleasure reading the classics, but the school could not read a single page. The thing is that with age a person acquires experience, commits a lot of mistakes, his perception of the world changes. Here another view of classical literature.

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