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Guide to betting on Football

Over the course of the last few years there has been an explosion in football betting and this phenomenon is due to several reasons. Obviously the growth of the internet has played a major part in making betting much easier for people who were reluctant to use traditional high street betting shops but there are other reasons why football has overtaken horse racing to become the most popular sport for online gamblers.

The boom in televised soccer is another reason for the growth and it`s certainly true to say that a bet on any TV game will enhance your enjoyment of the match in question. Additionally, new bookmakers have appeared in recent times and with them has come an increase in the markets and types of bets that are available.
These days, you can bet on virtually aspect of a football match from the result itself, to the number of yellow cards in a match and the introduction of betting in play has added a whole new dimension to the world of football betting.

If you`re new to online gambling, the first thing to do is open an account and when you search online, you`ll see a whole host of bookmakers offering
free bets as an incentive when you sign up. Make sure you take advantage of these as some are very generous indeed and they can also give you the opportunity to experiment if you`re not sure of the process. Having opened your online account, it`s time to place your first bet and by far the simplest wager involves a single football match and your view as to who will win, or indeed draw the game. In fact, you can make this type of bet even more straightforward by removing the draw as an option. This is called a draw no bet and if the scores are level after ninety minutes, your stake is refunded.

A very popular bet with new and experienced gamblers alike is on the first goal scorer in any game. This is arguably a bet that adds the most fun to a game - at least until the goal goes in! Obviously the centre forwards in any side will be the favourites to score first and the odds will be very short but with a little research, you can find some more lucrative options. Have a look at a side and see who takes their penalties. If it`s a midfielder or a defender then the chances are that you will find some very tempting odds for them to find the net first.

Similarly, try looking at the side and at the defenders who like to come up for set pieces. Once again, you should be able to find a much higher price.
For more advanced gamblers, betting in play is serious fun and it really tests your skill and judgement and your ability to think quickly in analysing a game and in getting the best odds. If you`ve a little more experience in betting, this can really increase the excitement of any televised game.
Football as a whole provides many different betting opportunities and it tests your analysis and research in identifying a likely gamble. Alternatively you can look for the many
football tips available and hopefully turn your hobby into a very lucrative pastime..


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