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Golf Betting Guide

Although the basic principle behind a game of golf is incredibly straightforward - you try to get a ball into a hole by striking it with a club - there are a huge number of rules and regulations that govern virtually every aspect of just how you are allowed to go about achieving that simple objective.

Golf is said to have more rules than just about any other sport in existence and every few years the two rule-making bodies, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland and the United States Golf Association, publish updated versions in book form.

Many of the rules seem to make little sense. A golfer is allowed to seek advice from his caddie who can help him line up a shot and ensure the face of his club is flush against the ball, but then the caddie has to move away. If the caddie is still standing next to the golfer when the ball is struck, the golfer suffers a two-stroke penalty.

Another curiosity is that if a ball strikes another golfer during a game, there is no penalty, but if a golfer is somehow hit by his own ball, he forfeits two strokes. Yet another rule states that if a ball ends up on the very edge of the hole and looks like it might fall in at any moment, the player can only wait a maximum of 10 seconds. Any longer and they accrue a penalty shot - something that could easily cost them the game.

To make matters even more complex, rules can vary from one club to another but it is usually easy to obtain a copy of them from the clubhouse before you head out onto the green. Knowing the basic rules that apply to your particular club will ensure that you don`t put yourself at an unfair advantage or disadvantage when playing other club members and eliminate the possibility of being accused of cheating.

Many clubs have strict dress codes detailed in their rule books and those who fail to comply may be asked to leave the green or even the clubhouse. Most establishments insist on the wearing of proper golf shoes and collared shirts. While some ban shorts altogether, others allow them providing they adhere to certain conditions.

Several general rules are likely to apply wherever you are playing and one of the main ones is that you are only allowed to have a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag while playing a round. If you own or have access to more clubs, you are allowed free choice over which ones you take with you during the game - a decision that becomes easier with experience - but once you reach the magic number, any additional clubs must be left behind.

One of the best ways to learn all the most important rules of golf is to play as often as possible. By purchasing
2 fore one vouchers, you can cut the cost of your time on the green in half and pursue that perfect putt without burning a hole in your pocket..


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